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Sewer Meter Installation & Flow Monitoring Inspection



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Sewer Meter Installation & Flow Monitoring Inspection

Installation – of Flow Monitoring Meters

Inflow – is when clear water from illegal connections of sump pumps, downspouts, and foundation drains is channeled directly into sanitary sewer pipes

Infiltration – is when groundwater seeps into sewer pipes via cracks or leaky joints.
This excess water uses the sanitary sewer capacity which can cause sewer backups and an increase cost to homeowners and taxpayers. 
These studies tend to be larger in scale. By studying dry weather flow and wet weather flow, we can determine how much inflow and infiltration is happening in the system and which area it may be coming from. This assists in recognizing which areas of the sewer system are a priority for rehabilitation. 

Downstream Capacity:
Typically smaller than I and I studies; Downstream Capacity Studies are done to determine the profile of a section of sewer. We can determine the volume of flow, if the sewer surcharges during rain events, and the quality of the sewer line. This helps determine if the sewer line is working as intended or not.

With over 100 flow monitors and sensors, we are prepared for any size study you may need. 

ADG is certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) in the State of New York and Erie County.


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